Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Cristiano Ronaldo would have got a Ferrari LaFerrari

Cristiano Ronaldo would have got a Ferrari LaFerrari.

Ferrari LaFerrari Cristiano Ronaldo - Cristiano Ronaldo would be ready to buy one of the 499 copies of the Ferrari LaFerrari, hybrid supercar from Maranello, at the price of 1.3 million euro, as some Spanish media. The Portuguese ace'll celebrate with a new car, therefore, the recent renewal of the contract with Real Madrid that will allow him to earn € 17 million per year until 2018.

After signing a new 5 year contract for 17 million euro per year that will bind to Real Madrid until 2018 Cristiano Ronaldo would have thought to celebrate enriching his personal collection of sports cars with another bigwig. As revealed by some media Spaniards, the Portuguese attacker would be one of the lucky 499 customers list to receive the fascinating Ferrari supercar LaFerrari, the last jewel that the Maranello automaker unveiled earlier this year.

The Horse car is equipped with a hybrid system that will release the asphalt well 963 hp that are speeding up to a top speed of over 350 km / h. The sprint from standstill is burning: 0-100 km / h in less than 3 seconds, 0-200 km / h in less than 7 seconds and 0-300 km / h in 15 seconds.

The Ferrari LaFerrari has a base price of 1.3 million Euros and according to rumors, this limited edition is reserved for special clients, or for those who already have at least five previous models of the House of Maranello. The well-informed rumored that Cristiano Ronaldo has purchased so far "only" four other Ferrari, and if so will actually probably the football player of Real will have to buy another model or pay a higher price to grab LaFerrari in any case, no particular problems for its finances, even less in the light of the new agreement with the Pharaonic blancos.
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