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Renault Talisman (2016)

Renault Talisman (2016)

Renault revealed its new executive saloon. The evocatively named Talisman ticks all the boxes that D-segment customers have come to appreciate, while taking wellbeing and driving enjoyment to a new level.
The Renault Talisman features a unique combination of:
  • Assertive styling: sleek, elegant lines.
  • A warm, spacious cabin: ample room for all occupants and front seats among the very best in the Talisman's class, plus an impressively big boot (608dm3 VDA).
  • Comfort-enhancing innovations: a seven-inch digital instrument display under the dashboard cowling, R-Link2 with 8.7-inch screen, colour head-up display technology, BOSE® Surround Sound and hands-free parking.
  • Innovations for intense enjoyment: Multi-Sense technology to match the mood of the driver. The Talisman is the only D-segment saloon car to combine 4Control® four-wheel steering with active damping, allowing it to deliver unique road manners, plus safe, dynamic, agile handling, and outstanding ride comfort.
All these innovations combine to make the Talisman an executive saloon that will appeal not only thanks to its styling but also through a pleasurable experience for both drivers and passengers alike.
The Talisman is built to the very highest quality standards and meticulous attention has been paid to every detail, including, notably, the depth and lustre of its paint.
Low running costs, plus low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions also figure prominently amongst the Talisman's core strengths.

The Renault Talisman, together with the Estate version - which features the same qualities as the saloon - is poised to play an active part in the renewal and upgrading of Renault's high-end range. Both vehicles will be manufactured at the firm's Douai plant in France.
Following its unveil to the media on July 6, 2015, the Renault Talisman - along with the Estate version - will be presented at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show, which opens its gates to the public on September 17. The Talisman will be available for sale in Europe at the end of 2015.
A name that embodies the strengths of Renault's saloon
Renault selects names for its models that symbolise their design and personality across all markets where they are sold.
True to this tradition, the Talisman has been given a charismatic name that conjures up notions of both protection and power. At the same time, Talisman is an easy word to pronounce and is understood the world over.
This three-syllable name rolls easily and naturally off the tongue, yet it asserts the model's powerful personality and the energy it radiates. The combination of the model's strong, racy lines and innovative technologies express protection and safety.
The Talisman delivers intense driving enjoyment grounded in a genuinely sensorial experience.

aloon car essentials
For the Talisman, Renault designers opted for a three-box body style. The saloon layout - with a distinct boot - picks up on the universally accepted design practice for this type of car, whilst simultaneously blending Renault's warm and friendly DNA into the mix.
To reinterpret the rulebook, Renault's designers went back to basics to establish the ideal proportions and perfect balance between the different volumes. An overall length of 4.85 metres and a width of 1.87 metres endows the Talisman with a generous footprint that is beneficial to interior space and underscores the distinguished apperance expected of a car of this stature.
Renault's designers and engineers worked closely together to keep the roof height to just 1.46 metres and to control ground clearance. They also achieved the ideal one-third / two-thirds ratio between the glazed areas and body panels, plus a 2.81 metres long wheelbase. The long bonnet adds dynamism to the Talisman's profile, and the large diameter wheels (up to 19-inches) are a snug fit within their sculpted arches.
Sleek styling
The Talisman is powerful and inspires confidence from the front with its distinctive chrome grille featuring the brand's upright diamond logo. Renault's new visual signature continues through the Talisman's C-shaped daytime running lights, which extend right down to the bumper. Depending on the version, the Talisman can be equipped with 100% 'pure vision' LED headlights.
The side profile is enhanced by the dynamic shape of the third side window, evoking the world of luxury limousines and the visual promise of generous space inside. The use of chrome underscores the elegance of the Talisman's silhouette, with a strip running the perimeter of the side windows and another on the moulding that straddles the front wing and door. This arrow-shaped feature taps into the design language of sporting cars to suggest performance and aerodynamic efficiency.
The low, broad-shouldered rear incorporates distinctive tail light clusters that extend inwards towards the centreline of the boot. Their elongated shape underscores the car's grounded stance while drawing attention to the Renault logo. 3D-effect lighting provides the Talisman with a powerful visual signature. These lights are always switched on - even during the daytime - to further reinforce their visual impact.

Elegant colours and wheels
The Renault Talisman offers a choice of ten body colours:
  • Nine metallic finishes: Pearlescent White, Dune Beige, Cosmos Blue, Vison Brown, Cassiopée Grey, Platine Grey, Etoilé Black, Carmin Red, Améthyste Black (Initiale Paris versions).
  • One non-metallic finish: Glacier White.
All paint options feature a high-durability lacquer coat providing added lustre and a higher level of resistance.
Five alloy wheel designs (depending on the market): 16-inch Sequence wheels, 17- inch Bayadere wheels, 18-inch Erbé Grey diamond-effect Duetto wheels, 19-inch Erbé Grey diamond-effect Alizarine wheels and 19-inch black Initiale Paris diamondeffect wheels.
An interior that blends warmth, clean lines and quality
Reinterpreting classical design cues to reflect the themes of the exterior styling, Renault's designers conceived an interior that is welcoming and high in quality.
Visually, the cabin is divided into three horizontal planes which serve to structure the space within the vehicle.
The areas closest to the occupants feature an inviting, soft-to-the-touch trim. Elements that are further away are deliberately treated in a 'cooler' manner in terms of colours and materials. This contrast contributes to the impression of space. Lastly, the combination of particular colours and a variety of different materials creates different interior ambiences.
Painstaking attention and imaginative solutions were applied to the Talisman's ergonomics and design, even down to the padding and trim of its interior components.
On-board refinement: a roomy interior, welcoming seats and supreme comfort
The Talisman has many strengths that support its bid to distil a unique impression of comfort and wellbeing thanks to its generously dimensioned, welcoming interior.
The Talisman stands out among the best cars in its class in terms of cabin space and all-round stowage capacity
The Talisman was carefully thought through to ensure the wellbeing of the driver and occupants alike and its cabin is among the roomiest in its class, notably in three areas:
  • Front and rear headroom: the height from the seat cushion to the roof is 902mm at the front and 855mm at the rear.
  • Front elbow room.
  • Rear knee room: 262mm - amongst the very best in the Talisman's segment.
The wide centre console contributes further to this impression of space and width by positioning the front occupants at an appreciable distance from each other. The console itself is pleasant to the touch and carefully finished.
With more than 25 litres of stowage space around the cabin, the Talisman figures among the very best in its class in this respect, including:
  • Generous glove box: 8 litres,
  • Door bins: 4.6 litres at the front (accommodates a 1½-litre bottle) and two litres at the back,
  • Practical cup holders,
  • Judicious stowage space beneath the central armrest with a chilled compartment (versions equipped with EDC transmission) capable of holding a half-litre bottle or a 33cl can,
  • A bespoke tray for the front passenger to stash their smartphone or keys.
Meanwhile, the boot capacity of 608dm3 (VDA) is one of the segment's biggest, making it ideal for family use… and more, since it can accommodate up to four golf bags.

A personal welcome and comfort
When the key card holder approaches, the Daytime Running Lights, rear lights and the interior roof light come on, while the door mirrors deploy and down lights illuminate the area around the door. When the driver opens the door, he or she is welcomed by an audible and visual animation on the display. Meanwhile, the seat automatically slides back 50mm (versions with electric seats) to facilitate ingress. Once the driver is seated, it returns to its original position.
In addition to this personal welcome, the Talisman's wide front seats, designed with airline business class seats in mind, combine two important new features:
  • In a world first, the front seat backs incorporate Cover Carving Technology which takes the form of a semi-rigid, resistant, flexible and lightweight shell. This ingenious Renault innovation provides designers with additional freedom, adds to the impression of quality, frees up space (extra 3cm knee room at the rear) and weighs 1kg less than a conventional plastic seat back shell.
  • Integrated ventilation for greater comfort in hot weather.
Furthermore, Talisman's front seats benefit from:
  • Generous dimensions and a stylish design,
  • Up to 10 possible adjustments (eight electrically, two manually),
  • Four-position electric lumbar adjustment (height/ depth),
  • Aviation-style six-way adjustable headrests,
  • Heated cushions and backs,
  • Massage function (adjustable intensity: two programmes/ five sequences),
  • Settings memory for up to six individual profiles.
The low seat cushion position ensures a comfortable, dynamic driving experience while freeing up appreciable headroom.
The rear three-person bench seat comes with variable density mousse to pamper rear passengers. The 60/40-split bench has a hatch to enable skis to be carried. The two outer seats are equipped with a rotating headrest, which can be retracted and turned to free up the driver's rearward line of sight.
Five interior ambiences
The Renault Talisman offers a choice of five interior ambiences and trim associated with different equipment levels (ambiences may vary depending on market).
There are three interior trims and five equipment levels:
  • LIFE: black dashboard, leather-trimmed steering wheel and black fabric seats inspired by men's tailoring.
  • ZEN: same ambience as the Life equipment level but with lighter-coloured trim strips.
  • BUSINESS: same ambience as the Zen equipment level but with additional equipment.
  • INTENS: combined fabric/ semi leather seats, or optional dark brown or black Riviera leather upholstery and matching dashboard. Chocolate brown top-stitching.
  • INITIALE PARIS: black or sand grey dashboard with dark charcoal or silver top-stitching, Nappa full-grain leather upholstery in a graded grey pattern or solid black, and Nappa leather-trimmed steering wheel.
An Initiale Paris signature version of the Talisman
Following in the footsteps of the Clio and the new Espace, the Talisman is the latest model to benefit from the Initiale Paris trim level, which is synonymous with the very best that Renault has to offer in the realms of wellbeing and service.
Exclusive exterior styling features
  • Exclusive Améthyste Black metallic paint, in addition to the other available colours,
  • Specific 19-inch wheels,
  • Specific badging at the front (beneath the Renault logo) and at the rear in place of the Talisman badge.
Painstaking attention paid to interior comfort
  • Nappa full-grain leather upholstery in either black or grey gradient,
  • Enveloping 'Relax' front headrests,
  • Exclusive Nappa leather-trimmed steering wheel,
  • Dashboard with top-stitching,
  • Heated, massaging front seats with 10-way adjustment (eight of which are electric),
  • Laminated side windows for improved acoustic comfort,
  • Initiale Paris badging inside on the door sills, steering wheel insert, top of the front seat backs (embossed) and decorative trim on the back of the front headrests,
  • Exclusive carpet mats,
  • Specific Initiale Paris hands-free card,
  • Door mirrors angled downwards when reverse gear is engaged.

Comprehensive, welcoming service
  • A dedicated call centre designed to provide constructive, tailored responses to requests for assistance and capable of making appointments within 24 hours for test drives, servicing and assistance with connected services,
  • A dedicated area in showrooms,
  • A unique range of optional services aimed at simplifying life on board.
A comprehensive, user-friendly multimedia experience
The Talisman comes with three types of multimedia equipment.
The entry level Talisman is equipped with a car radio featuring a 4.2-inch (11cm) display. Depending on the market, this digital radio offers flawless reception and CD quality sound. The signal also carries information in text format, such as a description of what is playing, weather and traffic updates, latest news, etc.
In the case of the intermediate equipment levels, the Talisman comes with the R-Link 2 connected multimedia tablet, with a seven-inch (18cm) landscape format display and Bose Surround Sound.
The high-end equipment level comes with R-Link 2 complete with an 8.7-inch (22cm) portrait format display.
R-Link 2, the Talisman's connected control centre
Along with the functions and ergonomics developed specifically for in-car use, the Renault R-Link 2 connected tablet comes with either a seven-inch landscape format or 8.7-inch portrait display. The latter is a first in the Talisman's class.
  • A fully integrated, sensitive capacitive (pinch & zoom) touch screen display,
  • Uncluttered, intuitive graphics, carefully designed for in-car use.

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